Sweets for my sweet,...

No-Bake Mueslibars with oats coconut almond and currants
No-Bake Mueslibars

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Chocolate Cake Variation Of  My Cakebase For Guilt-Free Pleasure
Chocolate Cake Variation Of My Cakebase For Guilt-Free Pleasure
Cake for breakfast? Yes! With this guilt-free pleasure.
Easy, 6 ingredient dough for countless versions of your favourite cake!
Cakebase for guilt-free pleasure.pdf
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Oat Pancakes with Apple
Want to benefit of the healthy nutrients like minerals and fibre of oats but no appetite for porridge? Try these oat pancakesl!
Vegan Oat Pancakes with Caramellized App
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Savoury dishes for feeling healthily full

Gulyás without meat.. Eat this.
Mushrooms are the easy way of introducing vegetarian dishes to people who have concerns. And successfully remove them. The concerns, of course!
Vegan Mushroom Gulyas.pdf
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Carbs are not all bad, choose wholegrain pasta. Basta!

Cabbage Pasta - Krautfleckerl
Austrian winter dish
Vegan Pasta With Cabbage - Austrian Farm
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Creamy vegan pasta with mushrooms (food of the gods) and rosemary (youth elixir or the mediterranean)
Gaining divinity AND youth by enjoying creamy pasta seems like a good deal to me. PLUS it´s super quickly prepared.
Creamy vegan pasta with mushroom sauce.p
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Salad as a main meal? No problem with this gorgeous health-bomb!

Cheeky Salad for office, school or the beach
Salad making is the easy way of food preparation, u neither need any electricity, nor heat – just chop, put some oil, herbs and sour ingredients - finished.
Chickpea Salad the mediterranean way.pdf
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